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One is tempted to say that his own discourse is a revelation of that transcript normally hidden by the ‘official’ discourse of sociology and an example of how rich and fascinating such hidden transcripts can be by comparison with the rhetoric of pretence. From his vantage point it is easy to see through many standard illusions of social science. Drawing on a dazzling array of source material, the book is a wonderful read as well as a provocative discussion of a global phenomenon of great importance. And it makes engaging use of literary sources in developing the central theoretical construct and giving it nuance and shading. A penetrating critique of theories of hegemony and false consciousness that see the subordinates as unreflecting consumers of dominant ideologies and that attribute manipulative skills solely to the powerful.

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Scott’s central innovation in this work is his distinction between public transcripts. Then you can start reading kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer – no kindle device required. The product is a compelling and richly textured argument that will be essential reading for anyone concerned with the politics of domination and subordination.