Dick golden haymes years

All of his chart successes are here and many duets with other popular artists of the era such as helen forrest, bing crosby, the andrews sisters, ethel merman and judy garland. Naturally with any collection of this size, there are going to be the obvious duplications (the chart hits) with other cds, but the inclusion of rarer material, radio performances, two lovely duets with helen forrest, “two sleepy people” and “people will say we’re in love” and some world transcription, which have previously only had a limited release, makes the 101 selections an absolute must for the collector and a wonderful set for the curious first time buyer. The collection has 12 songs with the andrews sisters or patty andrews, 9 tracks with helen forrest including 2 rare radio show duets, 6 irving berlin tracks with carmen cavallaro to highlight but a few songs. From 1943 to 1951, dick haymes was one of the most popular and successful balladeers in the usa, the near-equal of crosby and sinatra.

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