Internet penetration belarus

This includes those using the internet from any device (including mobile phones) in the last 12 months. Links from the social network accounts of independent media are actively clicked, shared, and discussed by users, while the social network accounts of the state media are lifeless. The ministry of communications has issued more than 230 licenses for isps in belarus; 66 were active in early 2017. Since most non-state online outlets are run as ngos, the amendments pose a direct threat to the viability of belarusian independent media. As of october 2015, 3g mobile networks covered 53 percent of the country, where 96 percent of the population lives. The authorities continued using onerous administrative laws to restrict non-state journalists.

Freedom on the net

It also employs viruses, malware, and spying software to conduct cyber surveillance. Dzianis maruk, editor of realbrest.