Is swinging considered adultery

If one takes into consideration that swinging is only considered swinging when it includes the knowledge, and approval of both marital partners, how can there be talk about “willful and malicious interfering. All these husbands and wives running around with such need is explosive. But their actions are way out of line. Retrieving of deleted text, pictures and videos. Swinging encounters are not the same thing as polygamy, where sexual relationships are not necessarily contemplated, but rather one can have more than one simultaneous spouse for the ultimate purpose of protecting individual and marital property rights.

Christians swinging into hell

Only a few are really happy the second time around. But what i learned was when i did not react and i stayed calm and i listened to him, we got to be very close and good friends and he would tell me what his problems were. Well, we started by talking about marriage, and remember also, that some people define infidelity also if they’re in a committed relationship and not married.