Miracle strip panama city

If it were billed as a kids mini park, and admission were $12, no harm – no foul. About 5 to 8 bucks a ride. Please check it out! To pricey for my blood but the grandkids had a little fun just not into paying quite so much when doing some great shopping at pier park, which by the way was wonderful with great prices. I took my family of 5 (3 boys-11, 8, and 6) on one of our nights at pcb. I spent the rest of the evening laughing and smiling as my entire family rode ride after ride and screamed on every one of them!

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At night you can’t see the paint chips and dried wood so you feel a little better! my recommendation would be to come before 4 for the cheap cost. Games and maze cost extra. Parking can be hard to find.