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Yeah, i would have to do something else with my time. I hold myself in shame for the bad decisions i have made. And we are the fastest growing age demographic for the past two years. Thank you so very much for sharing yourself and your love of sewing this many years. I definitely have this belief that you have to manipulate people or be dishonest to make money in business. They rose from their indie roots to achieve widespread prominence and acclaim by the early 90s and they continued to expand their creative boundaries after olson left the band in 1995 for a solo career. We will not be silenced and none of us dissenters are bullies.

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Your news is so devastating to all who have read your good-bye letter. The band set up shop at arlyn studios in austin, tx, where chris shared production duties with longtime friend and collaborator george reiff (ray wylie hubbard, band of heathens). Your passion to create, to try new ideas and have well fitting garments is unequal.