Piss and roll

This wasn’t pretty at all times, but i think blake played with a lot of heart and our team had to fight through some adversity. Indie band guru is ready to add the knowledge to get known campaign. There was something charming about the concept of michael j. While crash worship’s ritualistic musical bacchanal was way more memorable than the video, seeing what might have been one of the legends of rock ‘n’ roll taking a piss on another human being on the big-screen tv next to the stage was pretty alarming, even for those days. Scours the web for the best educational media.

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What i can’t do, though, is look back at a particular time and remember that first chuck berry song that reached into my soul like so many others have written about over the last few days. He was a talented creep who was clearly brilliant and innovative and manipulative and disrespectful to other human beings without shame. Hopefully, berry is enjoying the big (consensual) restroom in the sky as opposed to whatever the opposite of that experience would be somewhere down below.