Zulu virginity testing

Africa check encourages frank, open, inclusive discussion of the topics raised on the website. While there was an expectation that the post-apartheid south africa would radically change the lives of the majority of south africans, the reality has been that the socio-economic system of apartheid is so deeply entrenched that recovery from the dysfunction of the system will take some time. The claims they make need to be checked, openly and impartially. The council said the bursary was an attempt to curb teenage pregnancy and the spread of hiv/aids, both of which are problems in the region. Just up the road from the buzzing intersection, in a quieter street, is a yellow house protected by a short fence.

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Join thousands of industry insiders and get a free regular wrap-up of need-to-know women and girls news. We depend on voluntary donations to run this site. Some girls are stranded between the old zulu traditions and the church.